Sara was a free open source Siri alternative for jailbroken iPhones, this project has now been abandoned. During the brief period that this project was active I did some developing on the plugins system that Sara used as well as developed a number of plugins for it. Sara’s plugins were PHP based and quite simple to create.

        There were two options for deployment of the plugins, server side and client side. A server side deployment allowed anyone using that sever for Sara to use the service the plugin provided. A client side deployment only added the service on that client alone. This was intended for people who wanted to customize Sara with their own commands as well as those who may have created private plugin services. In addition to customizing the functionality of Sara, users were also able to customize the look of it. They could create their own themes, changing the background, colors, font, and microphone image, etc.

        Sara was compatible with its own server as well as with Spire servers. Future versions of Sara were planned to allow the user to create widgets for the opening Sara screen.